Table Manner Menu And Utensils

Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008



1. Choosing the correct silverware from the variety in front of you is not as difficult as it may first appear.

2. Starting with the knife, fork, or spoon that is farthest from your plate, work your way in, using one utensil for each course.

3. The salad fork is on your outermost left, followed by your dinner fork. Your soupspoon is on your outermost right, followed by your beverage spoon, salad knife and dinner knife.

4. Your dessert spoon and fork are above your plate or brought out with dessert.

5. Remember the rule to work from the "outside in".

6. When finished eating, lay your fork and knife diagonally across your plate. Place your knife and fork side by side, with the sharp side of the knife blade facing inward and the fork, tines down, to the left of the knife. The knife and fork should be placed as if they are pointing to the numbers 10 and 4 on a clock face.


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